Traffic safety

The Company’s Collision Prevention System project received an excellence award from the international BRICS Industrial Innovation Competition.

Russian Railways has in place the Strategy for Guaranteed Transportation Safety and Reliability, which lays out the general principles that are underpinned by safety management and culture. The strategy seeks to develop a safety management system throughout the life cycle of infrastructure facilities and rail vehicles and to create a methodological framework for transportation safety management by introducing digital platforms and improving the offering of quality, highly reliable and safe services.

Traffic safety priorities include:

  • improving the reliability and safety of equipment that is part of infrastructure and rolling stock;
  • reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents;
  • preventing or reducing fatalities and injuries;
  • reducing property damage and other losses;
  • preventing any adverse environmental impact.
Traffic safety target, accidents per million train kilometres
Safety violations across Russian Railways infrastructure

2022 results

In 2022, the target safety level across the Russian Railways Group was achieved, with a 3.4% reduction vs the target and a 4.8% reduction vs 2021. The number of traffic accidents and incidents caused by the Russian Railways Group and across the overall railway infrastructure shrank by 13% and 13.4%, respectively.

The risk level with respect to traffic safety across Russian Railways’ infrastructure is by 29% below the acceptable level. This testifies to a great degree of confidence and quality of railway traffic safety efforts.

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