During the pandemic, volunteers sought to strengthen partnership with railway healthcare professionals. They provided assistance in procuring the necessary equipment and mounted a challenge to support medical staff with a #Thankyoudoctors hashtag.

The volunteers collected donations and delivered them to a boarding house for disabled retirees in Novocherkassk.


"I work with interesting people who are always happy to help you out. Today, I can also help young employees adapt to the working environment, including through our youth council.

As the head of a volunteer team, I see it as my priority to keep our team closely knit and strong. I had known some team members before the start of our work, but there are also many people whom I met here for the first time. All of them are different, and that is normal. I can see how they are changing. Being able to make a difference in this world changes our personality.

Our volunteering motto is “What comes from your heart is bound to reach another person’s heart”."