Corporate volunteering

Movement history


Our corporate volunteering started with the Russian Railways Youth programme at the South Urals Railway. In 2011, the railway’s young employees became the first corporate volunteers when they launched the Baton of Kindness project, which is now held annually across all of the Company’s branches.


The Oktyabrskaya Railway held the first grant competition of social projects called Conductor to Good Deeds that has since become an annual event.

Corporate volunteering

The Company developed a corporate volunteering framework.

Corporate volunteering

Railway retirees joined the movement: they created teams of silver volunteers, secretaries of railroad commissions received their first training, and the first ever event uniting volunteers of various ages, including retirees, took place.

Corporate volunteering
  • The Company adopted a three-year corporate volunteering plan.
  • Organised 85 volunteer centres that keep running to help unemployed retirees.
  • The first online volunteering forum and conference took place on the Black Sea coast.
  • The Company developed and approved a Russian Railways Volunteer badge, granting it to the first hundred of volunteers.
  • The Company approved a procedure to support corporate volunteering.
  • With 2021 being designated as the Year of the Environment, the Company placed particular focus on environmental volunteering.
Corporate volunteering

The Year of Corporate Volunteering at Russian Railways.