Intracorporate communications

The key objective of developing intracorporate communications is to improve employee satisfaction and engagement levels by raising personnel awareness, enhancing feedback channels within the Company, and promoting corporate values among staff.

Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal

Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal remains one of the key personnel communication channels. A shared information space facilitates contacts between the employer and workers, provides staff with corporate updates, and serves as a one-stop shop for over 50 services.

In the reporting year, we continued upgrading the portal by launching more than 10 new features, including online communication services (such as the Press section, an interactive tour and the Events service). Furthermore, we added the following new sections: Onboarding, Russian Railways’ Youth, Bonus Package, and Benefits.

As part of new electronic services developed by Russian Railways, the Service Portal now offers the Company’s employees a new digital tool to communicate with the employer – Electronic Workflow for Labour Relations. The electronic workflow enables employees to submit applications, request necessary documents and review them online 24/7.

In 2022, Russian Railways commenced a gradual shift to electronic labour relations document management. By year-end, more than 100,000 employees transitioned to electronic labour related workflow.


To improve the quality of feedback, we continued upgrading the Manager’s Online Desk service available on Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal. With this service, employees can reach their line managers directly to ask them questions, make a request or submit a proposal. In 2022, the online desk registered over 2,700 submissions from employees, nearly three times more than in 2021.

Apart from that, Russian Railways has a 24/7 hotline to report social and HR issues (+7 800 250 1520, calls are toll-free). In 2022, we registered over 40,000 requests, 87% of which were handled by operators in real time thanks to the vast knowledge base.

Social surveys

In 2022, the Company completed 36 corporate social surveys covering
520,000 employees,

including 160,000 people who took part in the annual Job Satisfaction and Personnel Engagement Levels survey at Russian Railways. The survey showed that general satisfaction had grown by 2.8 p.p. compared to 2021.

In addition to that, the Company conducted over 120 local surveys covering 100,000 employees and focusing on the assessment of social and psychological aspects of teamwork, employees’ attitude to the healthy lifestyle, women’s satisfaction with working conditions, and monitoring of key social and HR processes and projects.