Anti-corruption promotion programme

In 2022, we continued to implement the Comprehensive Anti-Corruption Promotion Programme for 2021–2023Approved on 24 December 2020 (Minutes No. 1955)..

We paid special attention to educating employees, promoting ethical values, supporting young activist movements and cooperating with controlled entities on combatting and preventing corruption.

To raise employee awareness the Company distributed anti-corruption infographics. Our corporate media featured news, interviews and other materials on anti-corruption compliance, and RZD TV broadcast themed videos and satirical articles.

The Group’s quarterly almanac Anticorr and a dedicated blog on the Employee Service Portal focus on anti-corruption efforts.

In 2022, we also organised a contest on social anti-corruption advertising called #RZDWITHOUTCORRUPTIONIn accordance with Russian Railways’ Order No. 1175/r dated 28 April 2022. with over 200 advertisements submitted.

The Groups actively engaged with the youth, expanding the membership of Anticorr, a voluntary union of the Russian Railways Group employees fostering a culture of zero tolerance to corruption among the Group’s teams. The community regularly discusses draft anti-corruption promotion materials and tests some of them on site.

We also paid attention to promoting anti-corruption practices among future railway employees at the MIIT. Our representatives gave speeches on the topic at two conferences and held two meetings as part of educational work with students. Students participated in the Anti-Corruption Readings nationwide campaign timed to coincide with the International Anti-Corruption Day.

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The Company also conducted a survey to explore how Russian Railways’ employees perceive its anti-corruption activities. The majority of respondents (60%) consider the Company’s anti-corruption policy to be effective, and 87% of those who requested clarifications in 2022 were satisfied with the outcome and received all the necessary information.

In 2022, the anti-corruption awareness index improved across the Company.

Serving to assess employee knowledge on what to do in case of corruption, the index came in at 5.9 points out of 10, an increase of 0.7 points vs 2021.

To make its anti-corruption activities open and transparent, the Company publishes all anti-corruption regulations, rules, guidelines and information in the Anti-corruption section of its website. The Company’s employees can also access these materials from their personal accounts on the Service Portal.

Anti-Corruption Rating of Russian Business

Seeking independent due diligence, the Company took part in the Anti-Corruption Rating of Russian Business awarded by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs based on compliance with the ISO 37001:2016 international anti-corruption standard (Anti-bribery management systems – Requirements with guidance for use) and the provisions of the Russian Anti-Corruption Charter for Business.

The rating recognised Russian Railways as a leader and one of the best-performing major Russian companies for the third year running.

In 2022, the Company won the first National Anti-Corruption Compliance Leader award recently established by the RSPP. The award recognises the Company’s efforts in this area and excellent results of implementing the relevant policy across its controlled entities.