Anti-Corruption Hotline

GRI 205-3

The Company has a whistleblowing hotline in place to report corruption in the Russian Railways Group, including anonymously. The contact channels are available in the Anti-Corruption section of Russian Railways’ website.

The Anti-Corruption Hotline is open 24/7 and has a voicemail service. The Anti-Corruption Centre, Russian Railways’ structural unit, receives and processes the incoming reports. At the end of each quarter, information on investigation results and actions taken is submitted to Russian Railways’ Deputy CEO for corporate security.

In 2022, we received 398 reports, down 10% against the previous year, 228 of which (57%) were on suspected offences. Following the investigation, the Company took disciplinary action (reprimands or disciplinary penalties) against 26 employees and dismissed 10 employees. Another 13 reports were escalated to law enforcement agencies.

Complaints for 2021–2022

In accordance with Russian Railways’ Code of Business Ethics and the Company’s anti-corruption policy, we ensure confidentiality and protect whistleblowers from negative consequences arising from their reports of potential corruption in the Company.

Reports can be submitted in the following way:

via the virtual reception desk at the Company’s official website (Corruption to be chosen as the topic)

by mail at 2/1 Novaya Basmannaya St., Bld. 1, Moscow 107174, Anti-Corruption Centre, Russian Railways’ structural unit