Volunteer movement

Russian Railways designated 2022 as the Year of Corporate Volunteering.

The Company has a dedicated volunteer base of more than 85,000 employees who engage in corporate volunteering on a regular basis. Furthermore, in 2022, over 135,000 employees, accounting for 19% of the workforce, participated in at least one volunteering activity.

To support volunteering, an electronic volunteer logbook was introduced, enabling external volunteers to join the Company’s volunteering initiatives.

To engage and empower volunteers, the Company provides them with a range of resources and rewards, both on an individual and team basis. These include:

  • the Corporate Volunteering Cup competition (team basis);
  • silver Russian Railways’ Volunteer badges;
  • corporate training programmes;
  • co-working spaces (Goodness Station railway workers’ social initiative centres on the Privolzhskaya and Oktyabrskaya railways);
  • network-wide team-building volunteering campaigns;
  • the Conductor to Good Deeds grant competition, and more.

2022 highlights:

  • In 2022, a large-scale Bring Joy campaign was launched to celebrate the International Children’s Day. Volunteers at 50 railway stations across the country offered best wishes to over 4,000 passengers with children, organised mini-quizzes on railway safety and distributed balloons, gifts, and leaflets with railway safety tips.
  • In July and October 2022, the Company ran large-scale Clean Shores clean-up campaigns on the shores and Lake Baikal and the Black Sea. A total of 260 corporate volunteers joined these initiatives to clear unauthorised shore-side garbage dumps, improve social infrastructure, plant trees, and create art installations.
  • In August 2022, the first Goodness Station social initiative centres were opened on the Privolzhskaya and Oktyabrskaya railways. These dedicated spaces were launched to provide a platform for railway workers to gather, discuss, and hold volunteering initiatives, including creative projects, as well as to foster patriotism and promote intergenerational interaction among Company employees, their children, labour veterans, and partners.
  • Regional volunteer forums were conducted for the first time across the railway network, enabling volunteers to share experiences and participate in workshops on social design.
  • In collaboration with the Honour charitable foundation, Russian Railways became one of the winners of the Young at Heart all-Russian grant competition and was awarded a grant of RUB 1.85 m to open a Young at Heart Goodness Centre set to be launched at its Goodness Station social initiative centre in Krasnoyarsk in 2023.
  • The 3rd Railway Volunteer Forum recapped 2022 as the Year of Corporate Volunteering.
  • Russian Railways’ Corporate Volunteering target programme for 2023–2030 was approvedApproved by Russian Railways’ Management Board (Minutes No. 86 dated 5 December 2022)..
3rd Railway Volunteer Forum: a platform for like-minded individuals

The 3rd Railway Volunteer Forum was held in Moscow from 30 November to 6 December 2022.

The event brought together 200 top volunteers from across the railway network.

The grand opening of the forum was attended by Oleg Belozerov, CEO of Russian Railways.

Over the course of seven days, the delegates immersed themselves in a wealth of positive energy, new knowledge and ideas to energise them for the entire upcoming year.

The event’s extensive programme featured talks with the Company’s management, business games and workshops in areas such as leadership, emotional management, social design, and building effective team communication.

Russian Railways’ volunteers connected with peers from other companies, including Nornickel, Rosatom and Metalloinvest, and discussed potential joint projects.

3rd Railway Volunteer Forum