The Nature and Health Trails project was awarded a grant from Russian Railways to organise eight weekend outings, including for the students of secondary school No. 56 from Artemovsky. As a result, children and adults got a chance to visit the natural reserves of the region.


“In 2022, Russian Railways’ year of corporate volunteering, we implemented a number of significant projects. I refer to the Nature and Health Trails project in the first place, but also to the Fatherland military and sports game, the Hero Race and Character of Steel competitions, hiking tours, and collective sports activities. All these projects have not only helped to promote healthy lifestyles among our employees but also strengthened our team spirit and given us an opportunity to get to know each other better.”

“For me, volunteering is a lifestyle. Even though I cannot afford to waste a single minute, I still find time to hike with my friends and colleagues, do sports and take GTO physical fitness tests. When you live full and interesting life, you have no time left for dumb things or sadness.”