Non-occupational injuries

Every year, the Company implements measures to prevent non-occupational injuries in the train traffic area. Accident prevention efforts are structured along the following lines:

  • organisational action: raids (together with local police and railway security teams) on places of unauthorised congregation; in collaboration with municipal authorities – themed events, including those designed to prevent child injuries, and lectures and talks, as well as sending letters to educational institutions, businesses, executive bodies, and the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (GIBDD);
  • awareness solutions: informing the public about the dangers inherent in train traffic through things like posters, signs, videos, booklets, messages at railway stations, in trains, and in the media;
  • technical solutions: construction, fit-out and maintenance of pedestrian crossings, footbridges and underpasses, putting up guardrails around train traffic and so on;
  • legal solutions: legislative proposals, participation in the development of new regulations.

The organisational and technical measures taken, and the awareness campaign aiming to promote safe behaviours on and around the rail network, coupled with the initiatives implemented as part of the Prevention of Injuries among the Public at Railway Infrastructure Facilities investment project allowed the Company to reduce non-occupational injuries, including severe ones.

Non-occupational injuries, people

From 2018 to 2022, injuries decreased by 21.1% (from 2,390 in 2018 to 1,886 in 2022), and fatal injuries dropped by 19.4% (from 1,610 in 2018 to 1,298 in 2022).

Technical measures in 2022:

  • 31 railway track–level pedestrian crossings equipped with light and sound alarms, and 34.8 km of fences along railway lines commissioned;
  • three footbridges put into operation;
  • three footbridges, two crossings, 28 passenger platforms and one platform exit reconstructed;
  • 1,231 pedestrian crossings, 87 footbridges and underpasses, 127 passenger platforms overhauled (repaired); 49,000 linear metres of railway fences built;
  • 199 train approach announcers and 60 video surveillance devices installed, 230 systems of sound and light auto alarms at pedestrian crossings brought in line with the specifications;
  • lighting on 1,856 pedestrian crossings and 5,496 platforms improved.

The Company’s total costs to finance these projects amounted to RUB 2,340.8 m.

The Company is actively engaged in injury prevention public awareness and outreach activities. In 2022, the following initiatives were delivered:

  • four promotion campaigns dedicated to safety at the Company’s facilities;
  • videos on safe behaviour around the railway scripted and filmed: 220 broadcasts on children’s TV channels (STS Kids, Mult, Karusel), 50,000 broadcasts on Children’s Radio, advertising on VK and MyTarget social networks launched;
  • more than 3,500 rail safety posters and stickers developed and placed on trains, at transport stops and railway stations.