Russian Railways is the largest railway carrier in the Russian Federation, the owner and developer of common-use railway infrastructure.

With a focus on advancing the national transportation infrastructure and enhancing economic links among Russian regions. Our operations are of utmost importance in fostering sustainable economic growth in the country and contributing to the social well-being of the population.
RZD Sustainability Report


In 2022, the first Goodness Station social initiative centres were opened

on the Privolzhskaya and Oktyabrskaya railways.

Goodness Stations bring together volunteers and activists and welcome anyone who wants to share ideas and get support in implemening them. This is a place of attraction for everyone — from railway employees to those in need of help and support.


These dedicated spaces were launched to provide a platform for railway workers to gather and discuss volunteering initiatives, including creative projects, as well as to foster patriotism and promote intergenerational interaction among Company employees, their children, labour veterans, and partners.

  • Workshops, lectures
  • Environmental campaigns
  • Sports competitions
  • Thematic meetings
  • Quizzes
  • Excursions

At Goodness Stations, volunteers show retirees how to use the Service Portal, software and the internet.

Young people can take part in training and business games.


Clean Baikal Shores, a volunteering environmental campaign, ran for the second time.

In 2022, it was timed to coincide with the 48th anniversary of the start of the Baikal-Amur Mainline construction.
158 Russian Railways’ volunteers
took part in the campaign

Over two days in July, railway workers removed an unauthorised roadside garbage dump in Severobaikalsk while also cleaning the shores and bed of the lake. In addition, they beautified a municipal beach and put in order tourist trails.

  • 24 cu m of metal
    lifted from the bottom of Lake Baikal
  • 6 dump trucks,
    engaged, each carrying 12 cu m of garbage to the dump
  • 65 cu m of mulch
    made by volunteers from dry trees
  • 10 cu m of waste wood
    collected by volunteers


In 2022, a large-scale Bring Joy campaign was launched

to celebrate the International Children’s Day.
at 50 railway stations across the country
volunteers congratulated over 4,000 passengers with children.
  • Mini-quizzes on railway safety
  • Various workshops
  • Balloons, candy, gifts, and leaflets with railway safety tips
The Bring Joy campaign was run at
all the 16 railways
over 300 Russian Railways’ volunteers
took part in the campaign


Retired railway workers joined the Company’s volunteering movement in 2019,

by creating the first teams of “silver” volunteers.

Our retirees continue to contribute to the Company’s activities as they become mentors to the young generation.

“Silver” volunteers

Our retirees continue to contribute to the Company’s activities as they become mentors to the young generation.

  • Are actively engaged in social life
  • Take part in projects to stay positive
  • Help young talent at railway facilities

In 2022, Russian Railways’ volunteers participated in the 6th Russian forum of silver volunteering, the main event in this area for seniors.

20 people
from 10 domains took part in the forum to exchange experience and gain new knowledge.
  • The forum named the winners of the Russian grant competition called Young at Heart, with Olesya Inokova, a coordinator of the Silver Track Gauge team from the South Urals Railway, coming first in the social projects category.


Traditionally the Get a Child Ready for School campaign runs from 1 to 30 August.

Since 2018, corporate volunteers have been collecting school supplies to support first graders from lowincome families.


Each year, the campaign is scaling up.

  • >2,400 kids
  • >2,600 kids
  • >3,000 kids

In 2022, enthusiasts from eight domains joined in to get children ready for the successful first school year full of new knowledge, development and creative work.