Health protection

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Protecting the health of the Company’s employees is one of the top priorities of the corporate social policy. We operate a broad range of healthcare facilities, health resorts and children’s recreational camps all across Russia, which are available for the Company’s employees and retirees.

Currently, in 71 Russian regions, medical care is provided by 132 private healthcare facilities of Russian Railways, including 94 inpatient hospitals operating 24/7 with 15,100 beds and 336 outpatient facilities with a capacity of 80,300 visits per shift.

In 2022, the RZD-Medicine network had an outreach of 2.4 m people, of whom 29.8% were Company employees, 13.5% were Russian Railways retirees, and 56.7% were members of local communities.

Starting 29 December 2021, the Company has a new Voluntary Health Insurance Agreement in place. The new programme also covers obesity therapy, assistance in quitting smoking, drug addiction treatment and psychiatric care, genetic diagnosis of predisposition to certain diseases, and diagnosis and treatment of male and female infertility.

Occupational health and safety

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221 medical assessment boards are in place at RZD-Medicine private healthcare facilities. In line with their work plans, they completed 1.68 m medical examinations in 2022.

To enhance the quality of medical support for traffic and occupational safety, the Company has been working for several years to establish occupational pathology and occupational suitability centres (the “Centres”) on the basis of private health facilities of RZD-Medicine to provide in-depth medical check-ups for exposed employeesExposed employees are those that have had exposure to harmful and/or hazardous substances or factors at work for more than five years. on internship with the Company. There are currently 33 Centres operating on the rail network, including eight opened in 2022. The Centres coordinate the organisation and conduct of compulsory medical check-ups in their regions. The Centres operate to extend career longevity of employees and prevent and detect occupational and work-related diseases early.

In 2022, Russian Railways and the Russian Social Insurance Fund continued their cooperation to implement a pilot project for the prevention of occupational diseases, with the first stage of the project successfully completed in 2021.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases

In line with Presidential Decree No. 474 On the National Development Goals of the Russian Federation through 2030 dated 21 July 2020, the Company developed and approved the Plan for Implementing a Risk-oriented Approach to Reducing Cardiovascular Diseases among Russian Railways Employees until 2030.

The Plan sets a target to increase the share of Russian Railways employees with a low or no risk of cardiovascular diseases from 18.1% in 2021 to 20.8% in 2030.

The Plan has four focus areas:

  • creating and maintaining a single register of patients with the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • improving cardiovascular services within the RZD-Medicine system,
  • preventing cardiovascular diseases;
  • improving the talent pool of the RZD-Medicine system.

The Plan sets measures to help forecast and prevent the disease risks, and reduce morbidity, disability and fatality from cardiovascular diseases.

Health resort treatment

Health resort treatment, recreation and rest are available at 54 corporate health resorts, holiday hotels, recreational centres and camps across Russia (from Kaliningrad to the Far East).

In 2022, 89,100 employees and their family members received recreational services. When distributing and subsidising health resort treatment stays, the Company places a special focus on employees directly responsible for railway traffic safety. For most employee categories, the share of the health resort stay price offset by the Company may range depending on the facility, position, and dates (10–50% for employees and 20–60% for their family members).

Children’s recreational facilities

In 2022, Russian Railways organised children’s recreational activities at 61 corporate children’s camps, 12 third-party children’s camps, including two on the Black Sea coast, and 12 corporate schools and children’s railways. A total of over 50,000 kids took part in the children’s summer recreational campaign (up 32% compared to 2021).

Following the call of the heart

The first network-wide campaign called the United Blood Donation Week lasted from 18 to 22 April 2022.

Blood donation at Russian Railways gathers pace, with the number of employees wishing to donate blood growing every year. The Unified Blood Donation Week once again showed that the Company has many people who want to make a difference.

Mobile blood donation points worked all week across the railway network. In a comfortable and friendly environment, every employee could take a responsible and important step for society – donate blood.

2,661 employees took part in the initiative, donating some 1,197 litres of blood.

Every day thousands of people all over the country need donor blood, so the campaign has become a tradition. Today, each railway arranges regular donation days where any employee or volunteer can become a blood donor.

In 2022, Russian Railways received the Leader of Corporate Blood Donation Movement award as part of the Russian Red Cross competition.

Over 30,000 employees donated blood in 2022. Since 2022, Moscow and the Moscow Region have been actively cooperating with military hospitals, and 36 events have already been organised, involving 2,500 employees.

Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

The Company implements the Russian Railways’ Healthy Lifestyle Concept for 2020–2025 with nine focus areas:

  • living tobacco-free;
  • reducing alcohol consumption;
  • healthy diet at workplace;
  • doing more physical exercise;
  • maintaining mental health and well-being;
  • preventive medicine;
  • healthy working conditions;
  • raising awareness;
  • motivation.

2025 targets:

  • increase the share of Russian Railways employees doing sports and exercising regularly to 55%,
  • reduce the share of smokers among employees by 10%.

In 2022, we held over 9,000 events in all focus areas of the Concept, attracting around 3 m attendees from among the Company’s employees, their family members, and industry veterans.

To promote corporate healthy lifestyle culture and motivate our employees to follow it, we organise dedicated events, volunteer campaigns to raise awareness about healthy living, Healthy Lifestyle Week and Summer, health marathons, and the Strong Health programme at children’s recreational camps. All the events are announced and covered by the zozh_rd Telegram channel.

We also conduct health training sessions and hold sports events for the Company’s employees and their families. Major competitions include championships in cross-country skiing, football, chess, badminton, table tennis, basketball and cross-country running.

In 2022, eleven Company-wide competitions were held among railway teams, including Russian Railways employee championships in chess, table tennis, badminton, cross-country running and orienteering, Spartakiada, Russian Railways Cup in football, volleyball and ice hockey, as well as the Russian Railways online chess cup and spring online marathon.

800 mass sports events took place across Russian regions, bringing together around 45,000 people.

The Company has sports clubs in place to encourage our employees to exercise regularly. There are currently 583 sports clubs across the railway infrastructure attended by some 26,000 railway workers.

Employees’ mental health

We place a special emphasis on maintaining employees’ mental health and well-being as part of the Healthy Lifestyle Concept.

During the Mental Health Week traditionally held in October, we arrange master classes on emotional intelligence, neurographics, breathing practices, yoga and qigong training, individual consultations with psychologists, and master classes for medical professionals. During this period, over 600 events were organised with more than 43,000 participants.

Russian Railways branches and business units open dedicated rooms for emotional unwinding. In 2022, we made available 86 such rooms.

Healthy Lifestyle Concept